Peggy Chase Jordao is a Photo Stylist working in the field of Advertising for over 20 years. Her talents range from Product Styling of Architecture, Lifestyle, both hard-goods and soft-goods, to fashion - both on and off figure, to set design, construction and backdrop painting. She has had the opportunity to work as a prop stylist together with internationally known food stylists, and has recently in the last five years has been working as a set designer for resort lifestyle commercials.

Her background has evolved from a bachelor's degree in photography and graphic design to staff positions at two major department store advertising departments, an advertising agency and a major production company.

She started her own business, Style by Chase, Inc. in 1993 and her client list ( click here to see the client list ) ranges as wide as her talents, from retail catalogs to major advertising campaigns. Although based here in South Florida, she has been working all over the United States and neighboring Islands.

Having worked with such a wide range of clients and different companies, Peggy is able to bring valuable experience and speed to her jobs. Her professionalism and experience has enabled her to develop long lasting relationships with several of her clients, some of them lasting as long as fifteen years.

Peggy has been represented by the top agency ANCHOR ARTISTS with Maren Rossman in Boston, representing the north east, info @

No matter how big or small your project might be Peggy Chase Jordao is committed to make your product look and sell its best.


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